President of the Board of Bengal Canada

Annie Desmarais

About me

I started breeding in 2007 with Abyssinians, then Bengals quickly came into my life in 2008. I was simply won over by their fabulous color and their playful and playful character! 

To this day, I still breed Bengals but also Havana Browns and Khao Manees recently. As far back as I can remember, I have always had cats in my life.

 In my professional life, I am the Quality and Process Improvement Coordinator at Olymel S.E.C., a company I have worked for since 1995!

 I am one of the founding members of Bengal Canada and have served as its chair from the start. I am also president of Club Félin Rive Sud E.M.C., Regional Director at Chats Canada Cats (CCC) and also feline judge for the CCC.

 I decided to get involved in various clubs and organizations related to the cat world because it is a cause that I really care about.

 As for Bengal Canada, I really care that the Bengal falls under the Canadian Animal Pedigree Act because in this way we can promote the improvement and protection of this magnificent breed that is the Bengal.

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