Member of the Board of Bengal Canada

Précilla Robitaille

About me

I have been a bengal breeder since 2010, owner of Bucephale Bengal and passionate about the animal world. Despite my allergies to everything, I have always grown up with animals. If we didn't have any at home, I would bring some back in secret, much to my parent's dismay.

I started breeding after falling in love with this breed at a show; I subsequently acquired my first "sheeted" marbled bengal brown in 2009. Misinforming about the breed I thought spots would appear on this dress as I get older. A love affair then began between me, my family and this wonderful breed. Their playful and interactive temperament melted our hearts.

I have been the owner of a home daycare service since 2008 and since 2019 an independent scentsy product representant. Mother of 2 childrens who grew up surrounded by beautiful Bengals and who are very proud to present them in various exhibitions, both for educational purposes and in competitions.

I love sharing my passion and educating people in different events across Quebec. It is with great enthusiasm that I join Bengal Canada, hoping to help set the standard for the breed we want in Canada and to uphold the standards of this magnificent breed. I hope to take on this great challenge with brio.

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