Member of the Board of Bengal Canada

Sophie Boissonneault

About me

It was in 2012 that I discovered this passion for the Bengal cat. I completely fell in love with Éléanor our first Bengal. From there was born ELEANORCATS, a great adventure that still continues today. The Bengal will always be the breed that meets me the most, that resembles me, that complements me.

Depuis quelques mois une nouvelle race est venue compléter notre famille, l’Oriental Shorthair. Je suis une vraie passionnée des chats, une « crazy cat lady » et c’est pour ça que je m’investie dans Bengal Canada.

I have the well-being of my cats and their health at heart, respecting breed standards is very important to me. The Bengal is in some ways a victim of its popularity and in order not to lose sight of its origin I have chosen to get involved in Bengal Canada to gain recognition and respect for this breed which is so dear to me.

Mom of 4 children, I take care of my cats as if they were my babies, they are an integral part of our family. I deeply believe that it is essential to have the race recognized by our government so that it is respected by all.

With a background in management, I am convinced that I have the necessary qualities to carry out this mission with the help of my colleagues and friends. We have a common vision, which is our strength and which will allow us to reach our goal within a reasonable timeframe.


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