Vice-President of the Board of Bengal Canada

Alexandre Léveillé

About me

My experience with Bengal was love at first sight for me. So big that the first Bengal I bought was actually a pure, big, gorgeous, crooked walking house cat (which I still love). 

After several breeders came to me to tell me that he was definitely not a Bengal, I finally bought my purebred Bengals and decided to breed them.  I've been raising them for over 10 years now and I travel across Canada with them to take them to exhibitions to show everyone how beautiful and thin they are.  Several of my cats have received the titles of Supreme and Grand Champion.  I wouldn't live without my Bengal loves.

Regarding my life course, I studied several years ago in a musical theater program. This has led me to sing and perform in several plays on different continents of this world. This training is for me an asset for the position of Vice-President of Bengal Canada because it allowed me to better express myself to third parties.

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