Board of directors

Discover the volunteer board members who come from different backgrounds but who all come together in their love for Bengal cats

Our members

Annie Desmarais


I really care that the Bengal comes under the Canadian Animal Pedigree Act because that way we can promote the improvement and protection of this magnificent breed that is the Bengal.


Alexandre Léveillé

Vice President

My theater training is an asset for me for the position of Vice-President of Bengal Canada because it has allowed me to better express myself to others.

Jocelyne Gervais


I worked for 42 years in the CHUM laboratories, including 10 years as a manager, which gives me great skills to fulfill my mandate as secretary in Bengal Canada.

Guillaume Guy


I joined the board of directors of Bengal Canada to help put in place the structure that will bring the Bengal to federal recognition as a purebred animal.

Luise Lee


Éleveuse de bengal depuis 4 ans, propriétaire de Ontario Bengals.  Dans l’espoir d’aider à établir les standards de la race que nous voulons au Canada et de préserver les standards de cette magnifique race. J’espère relever ce beau défi avec brio.

Précilla Robitaille


Bengal breeder since 2010, i'm owner of Bucephale bengal and a family daycare. It is with great enthusiasm that I join Bengal Canada. Hoping to help set the standard for the breed we want in Canada and uphold the standards of this magnificent breed. I hope to take on this great challenge with brio

Louis Duclos


Passionate about the breed and continuous improvement, I want to get involved with the current organization. I believe I can bring a different and complementary vision to promote this organization in the greater Canada.

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