Secretary of the CA of Bengal Canada

Jocelyne Gervais

About me

My journey with Bengal is quite funny ...

I met Alexandre at a show where he asked me about the breed that I was raising and that I still breed the Eastern Shorthair.  We hit it off and decided to save money at events to travel and share hotel rooms.  When he put one of his cats in the bathroom, I was terribly afraid of it and I would put myself on the toilet bowl because I had been told that Bengals were all mean.  Alexandre was laughing at me on the other side of the door because said cat was a big hug.

After some time and now a Bengal breeder myself, I consider this breed to be wonderful and I would not be without it. 

As for my personal background, I worked 42 years in the Chum laboratories, including 10 years as a manager, which gives me great skills to fulfill my mandate as secretary in Bengal Canada.

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